About AP3K

AP3K develops technology that enables community focused enterprises in low income urban communities.

Founded by a Colombian-American and a South African that saw the opportunity to leverage operational excellence, clean technology and social systems to build a universally applicable approach to developing and managing a network.

AP3K is operating in South Africa under its Consumer Brand and local South African business partner, TooMuchWifi. We are actively exploring other markets through partnership arrangement with nimble and committed ISPs and entrepreneurs.


Router technology for provisioning, management and internet delivery into challenging environments.


Billing, Payments, E-Wallet and Incentivisation for the AP3K ISP platform.


Mobile-first customer portal enabling content delivery, authentication and self service.


Video delivery platform for zero-rated and reverse-billed video content with extensive analytics.


Distributed workforce management platform for sales, ticketing, accounting and customer support.


Network health and performance monitoring. Helix monitors thousands of Radon routers in real time.


Persistent authentication and self-service Android application with push notifications

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing how we can help you. Please reach out to [email protected]